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Volker Barczynski
Volker Barczynski | Kommunikation & Marketing
Inhaber der Marke Wunderwebsite
Möllner Straße 14
23909 Ratzeburg


Telefon: 04541-8562039


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Adobe Stock | Positive woman working in joinery workshop | JenkoAtaman
Adobe Stock | A happy graphic engineer talking to a customers on the phone at printing shop. | dusanpetkovic1
Adobe Stock | Chief Engineer in the hard hat walks through industrial factory while holding tablet. | Halfpoint
Adobe Stock | Rear view of businesswoman having online meeting on computer with her colleague while sitting at office desk | Seventyfour

Adobe Stock | customer at tool store | Stocked House Studio
Adobe Stock | Arbeiterin am Fliessband in der Lebensmittelindustrie | industrieblick
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Adobe Stock | Young woodworker with beard leaning over workbench in his large workshop full of carpentry equipment working online with laptop | tongpatong

Maritime Wirtschaft: Adobe Stock | Cruise ship in majestic north seascape with ice glaciers in Canada or Antarctica | EdNurg
Industrieunternehmen: Adobe Stock | CNC Laser cutting of metal, modern industrial technology | Andrey Armyagov


Mission: Adobe Stock | Astronauts walking to rocket ship on launch site | kilimanjaro
Vorteile: Adobe Stock | Rock`n Space, Astronaut in orbit | lexaarts
Tarife: Adobe Stock | Astronaut in space with a laptop | Daria17
Branchen: Adobe Stock |  Spaceman or astronaut on the surface of moon | May Thawtar
Anfragen: Adobe Stock | Nightly Earth and astronaut in the outer space | dimazel
Beratung: Adobe Stock | space | robert


Adobe Stock | Young businessmen talking in front of microphones and smiling, sitting at table on radio spbd. Handsome male guest tells story and looks with smile, records audio podcast and sits at desk opposite | Mediastockmasters